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You Should Watch These TV Series Immediately


1-Breaking Bad | (2008–2013) | IMDB / 9,5


Breaking Bad is about chemistry teacher.His name is Walter White (Bryan Cranston).He can’t afford his familys requirement that’s why he works in a carwash.But some day he learnt that he has a cancer and he is gonna die in a short time.After that he started to do drugs with one of his students.The Series turning around this subject.

2-Shameless | (2011– ) | IMDB / 8,7


Shameless is about a family with 6 kids and a father.They’re live in Chicago.The series is about their lifes.They try to stay alive.Sometimes it makes us laugh a lot but sometimes it makes us very very upset.

3- Friends | (1994–2004) | IMDB / 9,0


Series is turnin around the 6 friends who live in New York.It is one of the post populer sitcom kind of series.Most of the time we can’t stop our guffaws when we watch Friends.But sometimes very very sometimes it makes us move.

4- Dexter | (2006–2013) | IMDB / 8,9


Dexter is about a serial killer.He is a forensics worker in the mornings.But when the sundown he returns a serial killer.

5-Sherlock | (2010– ) | IMDB / 9,3


It is a story about a detective.Maybe the best one.The way that Sherlock uses his brain is unbelievable.No one can think like him.The best detective series ever done.

6- Game of Thrones | (2011– ) | IMDB / 9,5


A Game of Thrones is the first novel in A Song of Ice and Fire, a series of fantasy novels by American author George R. R. Martin. It was first published on August 1, 1996.It is about 7 kingdoms.A good kind of war series.

7-Doctor Who | (2005– ) | IMDB 8,9


A science fiction TV. series.The most known and maybe the best.Every sesoan the doctors chance. Explore the space with the TARDIS.

8-Sons of Anarchy | (2008– ) | IMDB / 8,7


Crime,drama and a group of motorcycle drivers.The story is unique.You can’t find like that.That’s why start to watch!

9-Six Feet Under | (2001–2005) | IMDB / 8,8


Six Feet Under is a dark comedy.It is about a family that funeral home keeper.

10-OZ | (1997–2003) | IMDB / 8,9


What can you see in a jail?Everything about jails is in this series.Fights,friendships and more.Watch and learn!

Remember,you don’t have much time.