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In 1991 an era has end.When Freddie Mercury died,music industry were shocked.After Mercury died Queen lapsed into silence until 2004.In 2004 they did their last tour with Paul Rodgers and after that tour they disbanded.But who is the Queen?

Queen is a band which founded in 1970.After their founded they   gain famed at short notice.Even they still hold best selling album with ”Greatest Hits”.I don’t want to give a lot mathematical information.I just want you to know that people all around the world love Queen very much.That’s why i gave all this informations.


The second questions about them is,why people love them this much?Because if you put on a song of them and you close your eyes you can go everywhere you want.When Freddie says ”i can fly my friends” you can fly too.If you feel hopeless you can remember a song  called ”Bohemian Rhapsody” and the perfect sentence in it,any way the wind blows,and you can feel hopeful again.You can get lost in every song of Queen.


The Queen adventure starts in primary school.Your music teacher enters in the class and says dumb your hands to table two times and clap.After that you start to sing.”We will rock you!”Some people not that lucky because they have to find out Queen by themselfs.But this is a good thing actually since you can never guess what you will run into when you discover the Queen.

If you’ve never listened Queen yet immediately start with ”Bohemian Rhapsody”.You don’t have much time.