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She was born in 1943.She died in 1970.All these 27 years she did a lot of things.She was a lyric writer,a composer and the most important thing about her is that she was a singer and she was known even the best one. She worked with Psychedelic-Acid Rockwhich is kind of that band Big Brother and the Holding Company  for the first time.After that she started her solo carrier with Cosmic Blues Band and Full Tilt Boogie Band.


   She is the best woman singer who comes in the world ever for most of the people.If you want to listen some good blues or soul,Janis Joplin is absolutely the right choose.Her voice can touch souls even you don’t like rock or blues.And she is the most famous woman because she is a part of 27 club.She was such an succesfully,she couldn’t take it and she started to use drugs and in 1970 she died because of overdose.


  She was a hippie.She was on the stage in Woodstock and she did an amazing show.Still in 2016 almost everyone who listen her,says ”she is the best woman vocal i’ve ever heard”.Didn’t you still listen her?Why are you losing time?C’mon start with ”Mercedes-Benz”.Don’t forget,you don’t have much time.