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Forget about all the families you’ve ever seen.If you’ve not seen Shameless yet get ready for this TV. show.Because you will see many ”different” things.

As we all know,every country even every city in every country has varied family structure.But i would argue that,you’ve never seen a family like Gallaghers.We will see many different characters.First of all Frank(William H. Macy),an alcoholic dad.He can do everything for money.

He only loves his children when he can earn money from them.Fiona(Emmy Rossum),is the big sister of our family.She is the one that who take care of the family.She loves her sister and brothers more then everything in the world.After her family comes men for her.All this 7 season you can see her many different men.


Frank(William H. Macy)

After Fiona we have Lip(Jeremy Allen White).Lip is the smartest man in this TV. show.He is not that handsome but he is very very charismatic.That’s why all the teenage girl who watch Shameless are in love with him.Lip’s best friend in Shameless is Ian.Ian(Cameron Monaghan) is our sweet boy.

We love him with his caramel-colored hair and his baby face.All the difficulties that his experienced are albeit us but eventually he is a Gallegher.After Ian we have Debbie.Debbie(Emma Kenny),is the youngest girl in Shameless.We’ve seen her growing up with Shameless.She is the combative,teenage girl in the TV. show.In last 2 seasones we’d a little mad at her.But she has a different place in our hearts.Carl’s next character.He is theantithetical young boy.But after a few season he will be a better person.


Fiona (Emmy Rossum)

And finally we have the seweetest,the tiniest character.Of course it is Liam.Because of Frank and Fiona he had some bad things.But eventually he is a Gallegher too.And he proves that us everytime.These are all the Galleghers.But of course we have another characters too.One of them is Monica.Monica is the mother of the family.

But we’ve seen her a little because she’s gone away.At some points although she is right we can’t exept what she did.On the other hand ve have Kev(Steve Howey) and V. (Shanola Hampton).They are the neighbors of the Galleghers.At the same time they are best friends of Fiona.Everytime she falls down they take her up.Not just her all the members of family.



In brief,turn up the shameless and start to watch!Get ready for every the most ”different” family you’ve ever seen and let yourself the Shameless wind!

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